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Euro Gourmet, L.L.C.

Euro Gourmet is a Las Vegas based European food importer and distributor of gourmet foods. We have been providing carefully selected gourmet food items and expertise to award-winning chefs at some of the finest restaurants, patisseries, and luxury hotels in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles metropolitan areas since 1992. We offer some of the finest and freshest gourmet products available anywhere including a diversified line of food service products and bakery items from France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, North Africa and other regions of the world.

Visit us often as we continue to search abroad and import new epicurean delicacies for your gourmet creations.

We would like to invite you into a world bursting with flavors, aromas, colors and textures. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to locate additional products for you. Please enjoy your visit and come see us often.

Bon appetit and until next time.

Euro Gourmet L.L.C.  concept is founded on the idea of providing selection, quality and freshness, all at excellent value. We strive to offer chefs and foodies alike the widest variety of specialty food and gourmet products, but our commitment is also to give you all this at the most competitive prices possible. We commit to provide high quality gourmet products in an elegant, safe, convenient, and comfortable online environment.

We want to ensure that you get all those hard-to-find products without the hard part. At Euro Gourmett L.L.C. you’ll find those items you’ve looked far and wide for and also discover exciting new ones that are sure to become part of your repertoire. Ours is a gustatory business, catering to the most demanding palates, so our selection represents our discriminating costumers. We proudly offer a wide assortment of rare and unusual items selected with much care and thought.

Euro Gourmett L.L.C. has established long-lasting relationships with some of the largest and most respected suppliers in the United States. This enables us to offer you the finest selection of deluxe caviars. For the connoisseurs we put forward select Russian caviars like Sevruga and Osetra, Black Sea and Caspian Caviar, as well as prime Russian and Icelandic roe. Devotees will be delighted to find prime Osetra Imperial Golden, Classic Grey Sevruga and American Caviar favorites.


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