Bordier Butter – France

Jean-Yves Bordier

Jean-Yves Bordier became a butter artisan in St. Malo in Brittany in 1985, acquiring the La Maison du Beurre creamery founded in 1927.  He discovered the art of kneading butter, a traditional 19thcentury method, that he perfected using the time-honored gestures of past butter artisans, which guarantees the quality of his great butters.  He has developed techniques to pound and shape butter and has passed on his know-how to his team.  Little by little, major French and foreign chefs have become his most faithful clients.  A silky texture, aromatic complexity, a light dusting of salt, a smart balance of flavors and a pleasure to carry out the desires of each chef:  this is what Jean-Yves Bordier is all about!

Originally he wanted to be a sailor, and since his parents were cheesemongers, Jean-Yves Bordier weighed anchor at the Breton port city of St. Malo. The city’s seafarers gave him a quiet and contagious joviality, and from the true masters he received passion, modesty and big-heartedness.  Listening to him speak about his butter is a joy, and tasting it means never being able to go without it!

Named best cheese artisan, Pudlowski Guide 2003.
Named best artisan in France, Champérard Guide 2003.

Bordier Butter - FranceAdam Badaoui