Yuzu Marmalade

Yakami Orchard Yuzu Marmalade is an elusiv, rare and incomparable product. Historically Yuzu Marmalade was restricted in Japan. Highly prized and extremely rare, it was only accessible to Japanese Royalty. Created by Yakami orchard using only pure Yuzu fruit and rind, sugar and honey. Suitably rough cut and perfectly sweetened. An extraordinary treat on breakfast baked goods or toast, use to glaze a whole chicken, spread on a brie wheel, or wrap in puff pastry and bake.

Hero Ovenproof Bakery Jams

Hero ovenproof bakery jams are made from fresh, top quality fruit and fruit pulp, sugar, and a special pectin. They are ideal as a fruit jam filling for pastries or doughnuts, as well as for pastries filled before baking. Hero bakery jams, in the industry recognized “blue pail,” are easy to handle with a spatula or piping bag and can be injected after baking. They are freeze-proof, show excellent moisture maintenance, and of course are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

MarmaladesAdam Badaoui