Vermicelli – Morocco

Vermicelli – the Moroccan Way

Seffa Medfouna is one of the most fanciful way to prepare vermicelli. Prepared with chicken, lamb or beef hidden within a dome of steamed vermicelli (Known in Morocco as chaariya or Seffa), the dish is very rich and extremely irresistible. With an appealing look, the vermicelli is sweetened with raisins, butter and powdered sugar and decorated fancifully with peeled and fried almonds, cinnamon and additional powdered sugar.

Seffa may be prepared only with tomato sauce without meat and served as a light dish for dinner. Most of Moroccan families prepare it either with meat, meat balls or chicken for night meals. However, Seffa Medfouna is a special dish served for special occasions and precisely for welcomed guests and family relatives, and as the first meal to serve before the principal dish.

Vermicelli - MoroccoAdam Badaoui