Snails – HELIX

here are over 100 different species of edible Escargot snails, but the most popular ones are Helix Aspersa or “Petit-Gris”, French for Little Gray, Helix Pomatia or “Escargot de Bourgogne”, French for Burgundy Snail, and Achatine or Asian Snail. Helix varieties tend to be more plump and tender than Achatine snails, but both are savory in taste, good sources of protein and offer the benefit of a variety of minerals and vitamin C. Our Helix Burgundy Snails for Escargot are hunted in the wild, whereas our Achatine Snalis are farmed. Escargot snails are categorized and sold by size, ranging from Petit (small) to Very Large to Extra Large.

Often served as an appetizer, Escargot is typically cooked with butter and/or wine, and then returned to their sterilized shells and served with a sauce and accompaniments such as garlic, herbs or nuts. Known for its nutritional value, Escargot is low in fat, high in protein and has a high amount of essential fatty acids.

Snails - HELIX
Adam Badaoui