European Style Almond Paste


Mandelin’s acclaimed European Style Almond Paste is specially adapted for use in traditional Old Country pastry, cookie, cake and candy recipes. All natural and completely gluten free, it has the same 66% to 34% almond-to-sugar ratio as Mandelin Premium Almond Paste, but contains a lower proportion of oil from bitter almonds—the intensely flavored variety used to make almond extract and other concentrates. This yields a milder, subtler sweet-almond flavor that, in general, is more appealing to the Continental palate and better adapted to the old-time recipes. As a result, European Style Almond Paste delivers the ideal taste and texture for making your traditional favorites.

This is the almond paste preferred by professional pastry chefs and premier bakeries across the land for making authentic desserts and delicacies at the highest level of craftsmanship. Traditional Scandinavian pastries, especially, benefit from the pure, natural flavor profile that this milder paste delivers. From Danish kringle to Swedish semla to Norwegian almond cake to St. Lucia buns, Mandelin European Style Almond Paste creates the perfect balance of flavor and sweetness. Ideal also for Dutch banket, German stollen, French calisson candies, and a wide range of seasonal sweetbreads, cakes and cookies from across the Continent.

Of course, the holiday season is when the magic of premium almond paste really takes center stage, and when your skills in baking pastries come to the forefront. You’ll find Mandelin’s European Paste incredibly easy to work with for rolling, shaping and molding all sorts of intricate designs on your signature creations, and that delicious natural almond essence makes every cookie, cake, sweetbread and candy simply sensational. Because it’s gluten free, you can use it with confidence, and if you prefer a sweeter finished product, you can simply sneak a little extra confectioner’s sugar into your recipe. Give it a try!

European Style Almond PasteAdam Badaoui