Fruits in Syrup or Brandy

Fruits in in Syrup

Great for decorating, delicious and beautiful fruits in sugar syrup. BROVER is a company that specializes in fruit since 1948, Brover delivers high quality Mediterranean fruit in syrup for the baking industry.


Griottines are half-preserved Morello cherries, macerated in alcohol and flavored with brandy. Griottines uses the Oblachinska Morello cherries which are only grown in the Balkans and has a unique taste. At harvest, each cherry is picked by hand, leaving the stalk behind.
A rigorous sort process controls the size, and within 6 hours of harvesting the first maceration occurs which preserves the special flavor and physical properties of the cherries. They are prefectly natural, free of any chemical additive, and can be used for aperitif or as an after-diner drink. It is a great ingredient for many main courses or desserts, whether hot or cold.

Fruits in Syrup or BrandyAdam Badaoui