LEROUX Chicorée

Chicorée Leroux – Grains

Leroux Chicorée in Grains added to your coffee, reveals all the flavors of your coffee – Chicorée and brings out softness. Naturally caffeine free, it reduces the stimulant content of your drink compared to pure coffee.

A drink with taste and More – Caffeine !

A natural way to clean the air !
A few grains of chicory that is burned in an incense burner ( or a saucer ) deodorize the air all your parts .

Chicorée Soluble Nature

Delicious hot and soft drink , chicory Soluble Nature combines balance and delicacy. For a family breakfast.
True Nature Soluble Chicory Leroux chicory 100% , 100% pleasure . logo- Triman

The Chicoccino :

In a glass , pour 2 teaspoons of Chicorée Soluble Nature Leroux .
Add the simmering milk and milk foam .
For a quick and simple milk foam , place the evaporated milk in a container in the freezer with the beaters of your electric mixer for 20 minutes.
Beat then condensed milk until frothy .

Chicory can also be prepared as a shake !

Prepared in a shaker and served with ice cubes , Chicorée Soluble Nature becomes a very surprising drink.

LEROUX ChicoréeAdam Badaoui